We are currently no longer accepting submissions.


We have an open submission policy, meaning anyone may submit previously unpublished short fiction and/or poetry at any time. We will regularly update the deadlines for each issue. To have your submission(s) considered for the upcoming issue, you must submit by the posted deadline. Our semi annual issues are published in March and September.
                           Submissions for our 2 Year Anniversary Issue will be open from now through January 31, 2014. You will be notified  of your submission status by February 21st. The issue will be out March 15, 2014.  Every submission will receive notification of their acceptance status by this date.

The 2 Year Anniversary Issue  will contain two short story cards (each with one short story) and two poetry cards (each with one poem).

  • Authors of accepted short stories will receive $50.
  • Poets of accepted poems will receive $30.
  • Each accepted writer will also receive copies of their issue.

Submission Fees: Submission fees help us to pay our writers while continuing to publish a quality publication. Sips Card consists of artists, working to help other artists, and while we know submission fees may be a hindrance toward submitting work, we also know that they help the operation of the publication as well as the quality of submissions.

  • Authors may submit 2 stories of up to 3,000 words for $5.
  • Poets  may submit up to 2 poems of up to 150 lines for $3.

How to Submit: Work may be submitted to There are buttons at the bottom of this page to remit payment (one for short stories and one for poems). Once Sips Card has received your submission(s) and payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Guidelines: Submissions should be double-spaced, and in a standard font such as: Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Trebuchet MS. Please submit your work at using one of the following formats: .doc .docx .rtf.

Rights: As fellow artists, we want our authors and poets to maintain the rights to their work. We ask for a ninety (90) day non-compete agreement. This means that for ninety (90) days, you will allow only Sips Card to publish your story or poem. What we are trying to do with this non-compete agreement is track the ‘read’ traffic for each story/poem. We can supply these numbers to the authors and poets through their issue’s run dates, giving them an idea of how many people have read their work. We think this is a neat feature and want to do more for our writers than just publish their work.

What we look for: We want to stand apart from traditional literary publications that set their focus on various themes throughout the year. We want to challenge writers to write from their gut and send us what they believe is some of their best work. Keep in mind, our primary reader base is made up of coffee shop patrons with a variety of taste; therefore, we primarily interested in general literary fiction.  We look for stories that breathe with a life of their own.


    • Sips Card

      If you click the ‘Buy Now’ button you will be lead to a page to sign in for PayPal. Halfway down on the right side there is a link ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ That link will allow you to use any major credit card.

    • Sips Card

      We did publish a great humorous story in our Fall 2012 Issue by Henry Lu called “Oscar’s Extraordinary Life, Planned” so we are open to humorous prose.

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